Should You Join Salehoo or Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a large and popular supplier directory, but in this Salehoo review I want to compare it to a cheaper alternative – Salehoo, another leading directory of manufacturers, wholesalers, liquidators and of course drop shippers.

What is Salehoo?

Very much like Worldwide Brands, Salehoo is a members only directory of fully researched and certified suppliers – over 8,000 of them to be precise – with more than 1.5 million products available to search through online (in the Salehoo members area) from these suppliers.

Salehoo's staff go out and find suppliers, research and verify them as legitimate (to prevent any scams or even just unreliable drop shippers from getting in) and add them and their wholesale products to the Salehoo database – making it really easy to find new and reliable suppliers.

Salehoo costs $67 per year for membership, which is much lower than the $299 required to join Worldwide Brands.

How Does Salehoo Compare to Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a larger directory, but it's also much more expensive.  While Salehoo has about 1.5 million products, Worldwide Brands list over 15 million – but from about the same number of suppliers as Salehoo.

Worldwide Brands and Salehoo both come with additional tools as well, like customer support, forums and market research tools.

While Worldwide Brands is a good directory, it's much more expensive than Salehoo – which is a really good low cost alternative to get started with.

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