What Are the Alternatives to Doba?

In this Doba review, rather than talk about what Doba is and what it does, I’m going to mostly talk about the alternatives and how they compare to Doba.

There are many other more detailed Doba reviews online, so in this post I’d rather focus on what you might be missing by turning down Salehoo or World Wide Brands in favour of Doba.  However, I must say that they are all good ways of finding suppliers.

Why Look for an Alternative to Doba?

Doba is expensive at nearly $60 a month and it only lists drop shippers.  As it’s the middleman between you and the supplier, they add on their own costs and you never get to speak directly with your suppliers and therefore never get to build a relationship with them.

What are the Alternatives?

Salehoo is a popular directory, and a lot of people compare Salehoo and Doba.  The reason is they both put you in contact with drop shippers, but Salehoo does wholesalers as well and as it’s a directory, you get to make direct contact with your suppliers.

Perhaps the best alternative is Worldwide Brands though.  This is by far the largest directory of wholesalers and drop shippers online – with more than 16 million products listed.

Worldwide Brands has a high price point – at nearly $300 – but it’s very large and has the greatest choice of products and both drop shippers and wholesalers.

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