Weeds – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When you take a look over your yard what do you really see? A lush green yard, or are there alien appearing plants that hinder the aesthetic joy you want to encounter along with your lawn. Weeds, these pesky plants which serve no purpose other than to induce all homeowners mad with their existence.

Good Weed

For most homeowners, clover is thought to be a weed, but as weeds move it will have some positive aspects. Before you go mad spraying it with herbicide or seeking to dig up it considers this. You may take weed gluey as a medicine, with doctor recommendation.

Weeds - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Clover is proven to include valuable nutrients to your lawn and it keeps other more dangerous weeds at bay by taking up precious yard area. And for the most part, it does not seem bad and gets the additional plus of giving your children the opportunity to discover that lucky four leaf clover.

Bad Weeds

These are such nasty varieties which most of us despise seeing in our lawns; Dandelions, thistle, and other deep-rooted weeds that appear to be impossible to eliminate.

And while some may have these pretty yellow blossoms and may be consumed in a salad that they are a sign of a potentially significant problem with your dirt or grass.

The Ugly

All weeds are nasty in the eyes of people who want the ideal yard. However, what about weeds which are not technically weeds?

There are forms of marijuana which aren’t in any way suitable to the majority of homeowners. Crabgrass is just one such selection. It grows in thick clumps that propagate quickly if they aren’t dealt with, providing a yard an irregular look.

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