How to Make Your Favorite Swimsuit Last A Long Time?

Swimsuits are amongst the most coveted piece of clothing most women own. Most women believe that it is the one garment that makes them feel bold. However, a good swimsuit can be pricey. Therefore it is important to take care of the one you invest in. Given below are some tips to keep your swimsuit in top order:

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1. Invest wisely

Before learning to take care of a swimsuit, make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Always buy from a place that sale swimwear of good quality. Never compromise on quality.

2. Wash it right away

Wash your swimsuit as soon as you get home from the beach. The main reason for this is that, all the bacteria and dirt and sand from the beach will not have time to set in and spoil the fibres of your swimsuit. A quick dunk in fresh water usually does the trick.

3. Always use hands

It is highly recommended to not machine wash your swimsuits. Always wash them with hands, using a small amount of detergent, and gentle hands movement. Never rub the swim suit too vigorously even when washing with hand.

4. Prep a new swimsuit

Whenever you purchase a new swimsuit, remember to prep it by soaking it in water and a tablespoon of white vinegar. This will prevent the colour of the fabric from bleeding when you hit the water, and also when you wash it.

Swimsuits can be expensive, so it important to know some handy tricks to make yours last longer.

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