Tips For Mix And Match Swimwear

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Have you ever been on a lookout for different bikini tops and bottoms but they don’t seem to workout whenever you buy separates? Well that could be because you haven’t been mixing and matching the tops and bottoms correctly.

Although it’s entirely up to you to wear you feel like but some pairs don’t look aesthetically as appealing as others do. Here are some cool tips to help you mix and match swim wear and look like a diva at the same time:

  • It is not important that you match the two cuts for bikini top and bottom. In fact, we would suggest that you mix different cuts to give the bikini a modern touch. You can pair a bandeau bikini top with a side tie bottom and rock it easily.
  • When in doubt, go the solid color route. We know this is quite basic but not many people follow this simple trend. For instance, you can pair a red top with white bottom.
  •  If you enjoy prints then match a printed top or bottom with a plain solid color that matches the base color of the print.
  • Also, don’t forget to go with the same fabric for tops and bottoms.
  • Pulling off a print with a print can be extremely tricky. So unless you’re an expert, we would suggest that you pass on this one.
  • Don’t go for almost similar colors to make it look like a pair. It will look like a hot mess and give away your secret behind slaying bikinis.

Swimwear Australia sale are huge each year, especially around the holiday season. You can mix and match from the sale items and stock up for the upcoming year.

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