Construction law firm and its services

Recent issues with the economy and the housing industry have led to the cancellation of many construction projects. Therefore, the need for construction lawyers has increased even more than before.


A construction project involves multiple contracts in various aspects with different people. Construction law differs from another type of laws. Each construction law firm specialises in different areas and addresses different legal problems such as:

  • Construction delays – Nowadays delay in construction projects has become a prevalent issue. It because of the money a contractor demands. Many times, even if the contractor who heads the project has finished the money, he still owes to his investors. Due to this reason many construction projects are abandoned.
  • Order changes and cost overruns – This happens when an individual who has invested in the construction project has been cheated when the deal was sold, and it involves a significant monetary number.
  • Contracts – There are numerous contracts engaged in construction projects such as contracts between contractors, investors, renters, employees, etc.
  • Claims on defective work – when the amount the money available is about to finish, the contractor may try to complete the work poorly and cheaply. Defects can be in the form of water intrusion, roofing defects, structure safety issues, etc.
  • Other services include disputes arising due to liens, insurance cover, mildew and mold claims, preparing and scrutinising documents related to the construction project such as loan documents, etc.

Most of the construction projects have several elements to look after which is difficult to handle without a construction lawyer.

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