Types Of Cable Winches

Automated or Manual? Stagnant or mobile? If you're interested in finding out which winch suits your needs then we recommend you read on and discover the different types of cable winches in the market today.


Mounted Bull Wheel Winch-Skid Mount

You'll find these ones everywhere in Australia. They're mainly used for trailers and skids all over the world. They get their name from the bull shaped wheel that is used to hold and pull the cable. A mounted bull wheel winch is one that is mounted on a platform and is not mobile.

Drum Skid Mounted Winch

Similar to the bull wheel winch the drum skid winch is one that is used for pulling the lightest of things as it is usually made to cater to lightweights. Like the bull wheel winch the drum skids are mounted and are not movable. Mainly because they are used to pull smaller and lighter objects so not much movement is required.

Mounted Bull Wheel Winch-Trailer Mount

Something that is movable and has more power. This cable winch is mobile so if you move on your trailer all over the outback then this special cable winch is for you. These winches are usually built around a maximum line pull of 35KN.

Recovery Winch,

These are big bad boys specifically designed for recovery. They are available in skid-mounted and trailer mounted varieties depending on what you want and how much power you want.

These are the common winches we found around Australia, are you thinking of pulling something soon?

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