South Cebu: Pescador Island tour is perfect for you

Are you a deep sea diver? Or you are just fond of seeing the majestic beauty of Marine life? Then, Pescador Island tour is perfect for you. Here are the reasons why Pescador Island is the perfect diving spot in Cebu.

Pescador Island Tour

The island is a small island located at Moalboal –southern part of Cebu. It is located in the Tañon strait which will take 20-30 minutes travel by boat from the beach of Moalboal. It is famous for its abundance of giant sardine ball, stunning coral reefs, and the opportunity to see the sea turtles. These reasons made the island popular with divers and snorkelers around the world. The island is also recognized as a famous marine park in the entire province and country.

The island is covered with over thousands of fish and a very rich marine life that you just see at the bottom of the Pescador Island, that’s why it is a perfect diving spot in Cebu. The small fishes and few corals can only be seen by just using snorkels. It is highly suggested to scuba dive so you can see different kinds of fishes and coral reefs. The deeper you dive, the more amazing sight you will see.

Pescador Island tour

Plethora of Sardine

In Talisay, you can spot sea turtles and a sardine run. You’ll be amazed by the plethora of sardine because they don’t go apart from each other, they synchronize. It is quite deeper in this part which may look darker. The area is under the protection of the municipal and net fishing in the place is not allowed. This indeed proves that it is a perfect diving spot in Cebu.

If you have decided to really come to Pescador Island, then you need some things to bring. You need to bring a camera, snorkeling Mask/goggles, Aqua Shoes, Float vest, swim cap, Rash Guard, and Fins.

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