Top 5 Common Automotive Defects

When we purchase a new car, we often take for granted it will work perfectly fine right off the assembly line. Regrettably, care makers often make mistakes, either via a faulty design or mistakes made by employees in the assembly procedure. This Takata airbag lawyers will work tirelessly to achieve justice on behalf of American consumers affected by the Takata airbag recall.

Top 5 Common Automotive Defects

Because of this, a number of these design mistakes could cause you or others you share the road with to crash, resulting in injury or death.

1) Faulty airbags: These devices were installed to help keep you safe but may be a part of the problem if not working correctly. Some airbags are proven to deploy while driving, obscuring the street from the driver and causing a wreck.

2) Faulty seat belts: Like airbags, seat belts occasionally malfunction at inopportune times and may become loose during a collision once the passenger needs them the most.

3) Faulty accelerator pedals: There have been many car manufacturers that have reported issues with the car acceleration system. The driver can be moving along at normal speed and then all the sudden the car undergoes a sudden acceleration, frequently causing the driver to hit the car in front of him.

4) Faulty tires: Tires are a few of the most significant elements of a vehicle to guarantee a safe drive. A faulty tire can all of the sudden blow from the middle of the freeway, causing the car to spiral dangerously out of control.

5) Bad brakes: Brakes are vital to the protection of your car. Some of the most serious accidents occur when the brakes fail and the driver can't stop before slamming into another driver or away from the side of the street. 

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