Common Types of Winches



What is a Winch?

Winches come in handy in many situations. A winch is a pulling or lifting device that is used to lift or pulls a heavy load. Winches comprise of a rope or a cable that is wound around a rotating drum. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you needed an extra hand to haul your truck out of mud, a cable winch is exactly what you needed!

Having a winch can be very handy. Here are some common winches that you can use.

Common Types of Winches

Electrical Winch

Electrical winches have extra strength because they operate on electricity. Such a winch uses the battery of your vehicle and its own independent battery to work. If your vehicle’s battery is dead, an Electrical winch will shift to utilizing its own battery.

Mechanical Winch

A mechanical winch is operated by the person and does not make use of any electricity. There are many sub-categories of mechanical winches available. They are used by construction sites and vehicle owners.

Capstan Winch

Capstan Winch is a specific type of winch that helps lift on the vertical axis. It is most commonly used by sailors and sailing ships. A capstan winch helps them in suspending sails and ropes.

Glider Winch

A glider winch is used by glider planes, just like the name suggests. These winches are often fitted onto big trucks, and they help pull the cord that sets the glider plan in action.

Knowing which winch to use means determining the type of work you need. Once that is done, you can choose accordingly.

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