Must-Go Night Markets in Bangkok


One of the major reasons tourists like to visit Thailand is good shopping at economical prices. Bangkok is considered to have best and biggest markets in Southeast Asia. There are not only huge day markets but there are numerous night markets too which are open till mid night. At the night markets, you can enjoy the true Thai culture and you can also eat authentic Thai street food.

Following are some popular night markets that are situated near Bangkok and you can easily go there with help of a visit Thailand app or other online maps: 

1. Rod Fai

This one of the most popular night markets and is also called as “Train Market”. This is because initially rod fai market was situated near the railway tracks in the outskirts of Bangkok. Now this market has been shifted near the Thailand Cultural Center and is very close to the main Bangkok city.

2. Chatuchak

Another popular night market is Chatuchak. This market opens on weekends only. It is considered to be the most visited night market in Bangkok. It opens every Friday evening, so if you want to avoid crowds, visit it on Friday evening. Here you can easily purchase nice souvenirs and gifts while enjoying authentic Thai food.

3. Asiatique The Riverfront

This night market is situated along Chao Praya river, one of most famous rivers near Bangkok. The good thing about this market is that tourists get to enjoy the view while shopping. Most tourists come here to enjoy the sunset first and then have some authentic Thai street food as dinner.

There are many other night markets near Bangkok including Indy, ChangChui, etc. 

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